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  1. Villa Anggrek | A 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Private Holiday Villa Rental in Seminyak - Bali
    Villa Anggrek is a comfy three air-conditioned bedroom villa with a private massage room, situated in the most strategic and safest area of Seminyak. New! Available now to book as a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom private pool villa and use privately. 

  2. Villa Esmee | 2 or 3 Bedroom Budget Private Holiday Villa Rental in Seminyak - Bali
    Esmee Villas has built in 2012 and 2013, perfectly located in the heart of Seminyak Oberoi area...150 meters from the "Eat Street".

  3. Villa Umah Abah | 3 or 6 Bedroom Private Holiday Villa Rental in Seminyak - Bali
    Umah Abah Villas is perfectly situated in the center area of Petitenget, Seminyak. Featuring 2 units of villa which both designed in a fine balance of the old and the new modern style...

  4. Villa Kim Jayana, Seminyak - Bali
    Villa Kim and Jayana is a group of three units of Seminyak private villas, consists of two, three and four air-conditioned bedrooms.

  5. Villa Teana | 4 Bedroom Villa at Jimbaran - Bali
    This elegant and luxurious private owned villa provides all the comforts and glamour of modern tropical living while preserving a distinctive Balinese charm in an exotic atmosphere.

  6. Bali Villas | Holiday Private Villas
    All this will be yours when you rent a private villa through smartbalivillas.com instead of staying at one of Bali's boutique hotels or resorts and more...

  7. Diamond View Villa
    Diamond View is a two-bedroom villa located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands archipelago...

  8. Seminyak Villas | Private Vacation Bali Villas
    Seminyak Villas Bali - Bali Villas in Seminyak - Bali Seminyak Villas are a walking distance of the famous Kudeta, La Luciola and Living Room Restaurant and more...

  9. Bali Holiday Villas I Private Vacation Rentals
    Bali Holiday Villas - Bali Luxury Private Villas - Bali Holiday Homes and Private Vacation Rental - Offering an extensive range of holiday homes and private villas on Bali.

  10. Villa 8 Bali - Private Vacation Villas at Seminyak, Oberoi - Bali
    Villa 8 Bali is located at Basangkasa village in Seminyak, the villa features four private villas with pools, friendly and well-trained Balinese staff and more...

  11. Bali Villas Accommodation - Bali Luxury Private Vacation Rental
    Looking for an alternative of hotel accommodation in Bali? Bali Villas Accommodation offers Bali Private Villas, Holiday Homes and Vacation Rentals.

  12. Bali Rent Car
    Offers rental cars for your holiday or business stay in Bali.

  13. Bali Villas Budget
    Bali Budget Villas site offers budget class villa accommodation on Bali.

  14. Seminyak Private Villas | Holiday Villa Rental in Seminyak, Bali - Indonesia
    All of our Private Seminyak Villas are closely monitored to ensure that standards are constantly maintained. Bali Private Villas location well known as Private Holiday Villas in Seminyak - Bali.

  15. Seminyak Villa Rentals
    Bali Seminyak Villas | Bali Seminyak Rentals | Private Vacation Villas in Seminyak - Bali.

  16. Villas Seminyak Bali
    Villas Seminyak Bali offers private holiday villas in Seminyak - Bali.

  17. Seminyak Bali Villas
    Seminyak Bali Rentals is specialists in offering favorite holiday homes and villas in Seminyak - Bali.

  18. Bali Ubud Villas
    Ubud Villas is specialist in offering favorite holiday homes and villas in Ubud Villasge - Bali.

  19. Baliku Villas
    Baliku.com offers stylist budget villa accommodation on Bali.

  20. Bali Seminyak Luxury Villas
    Luxury private holiday villas on famous tourist destination at Seminyak - Bali.

  21. Bali Luxury Holiday Villas
    Bali luxury private villas for your remarkable vacation in Bali.

  22. Bali Asri Villas Seminyak
    Bali Asri Villas is a unique group of 11 luxuriously-appointed villas in the heart of Seminyak, a wooded space surrounded by lovely trees.

  23. Bali Canggu Villas
    Canggu villas, selected holiday villas on Canggu beach - Bali.

  24. Bali Homes Villas
    Bali homes villas, wide selection and fresh holiday villas on Bali.

  25. Seminyak Garden Villas
    Seminyak Garden Villas Bali for everyone who needs Bali holidays.

  26. Seminyak Vacation Villas
    Seminyak vacation - Bali for your Bali holiday needs.

  27. Bali Seminyak Villas | Private Holiday Villas in Seminyak - Bali
    Renting seminyak villas with prices according to your budget for a vacation in Bali, Seminyak and surrounding areas certainly.

  28. Seminyak Cheap Villas | Private Vacation Villas in Seminyak - Bali
    Bali Seminyak Cheap Villas | Bali Seminyak Rentals | Private Vacation Villas in Seminyak - Bali

  29. Budget Seminyak Villas - Private Budget Villas Rental in Seminyak Bali
    You can find the list of available Seminyak budget villas rental for your Seminyak Bali private Vacation villa accommodation.

  30. Bali Vacation Rentals
    All villas perfectly situated in Bali Island, each villas with a private pool. Enjoy your holiday with Bali Vacation Rentals.

  31. Seminyak Villa Rentals
    Bali Seminyak Villas | Bali Seminyak Rentals | Private Vacation Villas in Seminyak - Bali

  32. Canggu Villas Budget
    Canggu Villas Budget offers budget villa accommodation in Canggu area for your memorable holiday.

  33. Seminyak Pool Villas
    All villas perfectly situated in the heart of Seminyak and surrounding areas, each villas with a private pool. Enjoy your holiday with seminyak pool villas.


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